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About Schedule Message - An Easy, Fast and Secure Way to Send Scheduled, Delayed, Recurring, and Repeat Messages, Reminder Emails, Blog Posts, and Social Media Updates

ScheduleMessage is a fast, secure and flexible platform designed to send scheduled, delayed and recurring emails messages, social media updates, and reminder messages according to a schedule set in advance

ScheduleMessage is a public version of a media engine produced by Camerado Digital, which we have been using in many of our day to day operations for a while now.

So, we decided to put a public face on that application to let regular folks send email reminders, updates, delayed or scheduled blog posts, invoices, or other messages that would otherwise be a pain in the ass or too time consuming to rewrite and reschedule again and again.

HENCE, was born - WELCOME!

Our Story

Jason Rosette, producer at Camerado is developed and maintained by Camerado Media, a producer of movies, digital media, video, and multimedia.

Camerado was founded by media producer, filmmaker, and educator Jason Rosette.

As our needs for promotion, publicity and routine recurring reminders and updates grew, we found that we had an increasing need to automate our activity by sending recurring, scheduled, and delayed-send emails, blog posts, and Twitter updates on a regular basis.

Initially, we had been using a website built by another developer to handle this need. But one day, that website crashed and went down - not only interrupting our message sending, but also taking all of our carefully scheduled email reminders and social media updates with it.

At that point, we set out to develop our a more secure and customized application which would include better security and more features.

For example, allows upgraded users to export all their scheduled emails in a standard format. These can be archived or edited off line - say, at the beach or a cafe - and then re-imported back into the application to start sending again. (see list of features below)

Built with the same secure Python framework used by major platforms like Youtube, ScheduleMessage is less prone to security issues than many other sites, while offering the best performance of any other email scheduling applications.

We hope you enjoy ScheduleMessage and find even more uses for it than we have!

Sign up as a Standard User and receive a basic number of scheduled email messages and reminders per month, for FREE - no contract, subscription, or other agreement required (*no spamming allowed though - accounts with Spam activity will be suspended).

Use ScheduleMessage to send repeating reminder messages, such as monthly or bi-weekly invoices or messages to your staff, or personal reminders to your friends or family.

You can also use ScheduleMessage to send updates by email to Facebook, Blogger, and many other services. By using 3rd party applications, you can even send updated to Twitter, Buffer, Instagram, and more.

If you find ScheduleMessage useful and need more messages per month with added functions, then Contact Us for Subscription Options

(*Custom, 'Private Reserve' installs of the ScheduleMessage application are also available for Ultra-Power users and companies)

Enjoy the Power, Ease and Convenience of ScheduleMessage - The Sky's the Limit!


ScheduleMessage is constantly being tweaked and improved as new functions are developed, and as users request new functions.

If you are a user and have a feature request, drop us a line and we'll see if we can incorporate it into the next system update!

Current Features Include:

  • MULTIPLE INTERNATIONAL TIME ZONES: Select a Different Time Zone for Global Friends and Colleagues
  • SECURE & PRIVATE: Our Site is Based on the same Coding Language that Youtube, Google, and other Major Sites Use - Strong, Fast, and Reliable - we do not send SPAM, only the occasional message from the administrator. We do not tolerate spamming to or from our site or affiliated applications or Apps!
  • INTUITIVE WYSIWYG ('What You See Is What You Get') INTERFACE WINDOW to Compose Your Messages - just like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Mail, and Others!
  • EXPORT / IMPORT MESSAGES FUNCTION (*for Upgraded Users): Lets You Backup Your Messages for Safety or to Work on them Offline and Re-import Later. You Can then Edit and Update Them Offline, and Import Your Archived or Adjusted Messages Again Later
  • CALENDAR VIEW MODULE: Lets You See and Edit your Messages in a Calendar Format - Essential for Getting a Broader Overview of Your Scheduled Reminders and Messages
  • INCLUDE MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS (CC, BCC) & ATTACHMENTS: Same as any Normal Email Provider (*Upgraded Users Get Bigger Attachments)
  • RANDOMIZE SENDING TIMES (*for Upgraded Users) - Extremely Useful to Create a 'Less Mechanical', More Human Touch to your Recurring Email and Message Sending.
  • NO PLUGINS, COOKIES or DOWNLOADS: We Understand that Privacy is Huge These Days - There's Nothing to Download to Use this Website or related Apps. Just Log In and START SENDING. (*occasional updates from the administrator of this website may occur). Note that users sending SPAM from this platform will have their accounts suspended immediately and unconditionally).
  • BONUS MODULES AVAILABLE: Whenever a new sending function comes online, you'll be the first to know about it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the Catch? Why are you offering a free account to send scheduled, recurring, repeating email reminders, and social media posts?

A: Basically, if folks find the free service useful, we're hoping they will keep our media company, Camerado Media in mind for any production needs: video, photo, web video, multimedia, what have you. The bulk of our platform is running anyway for our own internal uses, so Standard Account guest users add minimal stress to our server and systems which are up and running anyway.

HOWEVER: if someone likes the ScheduleMessage service and wants to upgrade to send more scheduled messages per month with greater functionality, that's great, and we'll help you out! - Contact for a Subscription to offset added the server traffic and upkeep in exchange for sending a lot more emails and messages per month with greater functionality!

Tutorials and Resources

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